Gender Equality


Envirocare deals with Gender Issues to ensure access to justice, land rights and gender equity. It is our aim to see the ensured access to justice, land rights and gender equity in local communities.


  1. Improved access to justice, gender equity and access to land rights to local communities
  2. Empowerment of voiceless and disadvantage groups (especially women) out of poverty strategies
  3. Sensitize local communities on procedures on land acquisition, planning and tenure systems.
  4. Promote gender equity as a poverty reduction strategy in local communities.
  5. Consolidate basket fund within the organization for supporting voiceless and disadvantaged group (especially women).
  6. Document the extent of voiceless and disadvantage group’s problems through action research.
  7. Network with other organization and development partners to support gender issues.
  8. Build capacity to special groups (women & children) on entrepreneurship skills, their rights and behavior change.
  9. Provision of legal aid and literacy services in local communities.