3. Integrated Forest Home Gardens for Biodiversity Conservation and Income Generation in Siha District

Duration: 30-Nov-2013 to 30-Oct-2014   Place: Siha District, Kilimanjaro Region – Tanzania


This was a one year project implemented in Namwai and Matadi villages targeted 50 forest user group and 40 bee keeping group members and two primary schools. The two villages were in need of seriously action on environmental conservation as most of the land areas were degraded. The project aimed to build capacity of local communities to mitigate the impact of climate change and forest resource depletion through integrated forest home gardens and alternative livelihood improvement in the District

Success story

Lesson learnt

  1. Farmers prefer sting less bee keeping due to its economic values and health benefits. 2. People had positive response to the integration of agro-forestry and were eager to plant their own tree varieties.


  1. 1,400 tree seedlings planted and well managed by the community. In the process, the communities have learnt on how to select important trees which can survive in their surroundings. 2. The communities have improved food varieties as well as income through mixing trees and crops (agro- forestry). 3. 40 beehives were purchased and distributed to 40 members of the selected bee keeping groups. Prior to the distribution, the bee keepers were intensively trained on bee management, harvesting, packaging and marketing. The bee keepers are expecting their first harvest in March 2015.


Dryness in the area due to the unpredictable rainfall caused a delay in implementing the activity of tree planting until reliable rainfall came again.

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Number of groups were benefited from this project. These include; Namwai and Matadi village community members, 50 forest user group members, 40 beekeeping group members, Siha district forest officer, Siha district beekeeping officer, Local government authority and Two primary school (Pupils and Teachers)

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