2. Enhancing Mbingu Organic Cocoa Out-growers Association (MOCOA) Capacity for Sustainable Quality Products

Duration: 01-Aug-2011 to 31-Jul-2014   Place: Kilombero District – Morogoro Region, Tanzania.


With support from Swiss Contact Tanzania, Envirocare implemented a project on organic cocoa production in Kilombero District, Morogoro Region. The project was executed for three years from 2011 to 2014. Envirocare was basically focused on three main areas of intervention which were; Farmer Field Schools on Cocoa Rehabilitation and Primary Processing, Integrated Pest Management Practices for Sustainable Cocoa production, and Quality Organic Cocoa Production and strengthening of MOCOA.

Success story

It was interesting story to hear from Mr. Asukenie Mwanjenje from Mpofu village who has harvested 2,720 kg of cocoa last year (2013). Using the money earned from his own cocoa production, he has been able to build his own house that worth 8 million shillings. Mr. Asukenie Mwanjenje and his family are now very happy enjoying their life in their own house built by bricks and corrugated iron sheet.

Lesson learnt

  1. A good agricultural practice is the best solution to pests and diseases control in organic farming. 2. Proper management of cocoa farms not only involves good agricultural practices but also good cooperation between local farmers and MOCOA. 3. Cocoa farming is becoming the backbone of their income as most farmers in Mbingu and Mchombe wards depends more on organic cocoa production.


Improvement of farmer’s livelihood. This has been witnessed by the farmers since they are now capable of paying primary and secondary school fees for their children and running their families by fulfilling the daily basic needs. Use of organic fertilizer and bio pesticides. This has increased farmers production from 2kgs to 3.5kgs of cocoa per tree. Currently, some farmers are capable of harvesting up to 2.5 tonnes of cocoa per year. One farmer Mr. Asukenie Mwanjenje from Mpofu village has harvested 2,720 kg of cocoa last year and now is building his own house that worth 8 million shillings. Also, another farmer Mr. Cosmas Kinye from Lukolongo village has bought Motor cycle which worth two million shillings. This motor cycle helped him to consume little time to cover larger distance during his work as well as a source for income as he is using for carrying passengers from one point to another. Use of fermentation boxes the initiative taken by Mocoa to create ferme


  1. MOCOA is facing challenges from KOKOA KAMILI Company that purchases raw cocoa from farmers. This has made more farmers to sell their cocoa to KOKOA KAMILI Company hence reducing income to MOCOA. 2. Poor infrastructure and unreliable transport had led to difficulties in the implementation of the project.

Project Gallery


The beneficiaries of the project includes the following groups; 220 cocoa farmers from Mbingu, Mofu and Mchombe wards, MOCOA, Local Government Authority, Kilombero District Agriculture Extension Officer, and KIlombero District Bee keeping Officer.

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